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About Us

What is Personality and Psychopathology?

Our research is closely linked to important scientific contributions to the development of the most commonly used diagnostic nosology, DSM. The main focus is on two components: relevant traits (adaptive and maladaptive) and personality (dis)functioning.

Diagnostic and therapeutic approaches in adults / elderly are central. The line of research on personality pathology in the elderly is also a unique strength of this group and a clear spearhead. This is reflected in our participation in the 'The Gerontopole Brussels Center of expertise of Gerontology'.

Furthermore, there is collaboration with the 'Psychopathology and Affective Neuroscience Lab' at UGhent (Prof. R. De Raedt - research in elderly from a cognitive neurobiological perspective) as alliance research group PIPO (Psychopathology and Information Processing in Older Adults). PIPO focuses specifically on personality pathology, affective disorders and information processing in the elderly with attention to emotion regulation.

Thanks to cooperation with Mondriaan Netherlands, since 2012 there has been a 'Teaching and Research Chair Clinical Psychology in Older Adults', of which Bas van Alphen is the chair holder, and Prof. G. Rossi and Prof. E. Dierckx the VUB supervisors. This research focuses on evidence-based screening and diagnostics, effects studies on treatment and behavioral counseling in the elderly with complex psychological problems, in particular (co-morbid) personality disorders. The VUB chair is an important catalyst for scientific research and Mondriaan acquired the TOPGGz quality mark in March 2017.

Finally, there is the international D-SCOPE research project from Prof. E. Dierckx with researchers from the Universities of Antwerp, Leuven, Maastricht and the Hogeschool Gent. The purpose of this research is to offer elderly the opportunity to age in their own home environment.